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What's So Exciting About Our Gourmet Candles?

Our gourmet candles were created by a master candle maker who wanted to produce a healthy alternative that doesn't produce irritating black soot in our homes, and a gourmet candle that smells so delicious you'll think someone is baking a mouth-watering Hot Apple Pie, or Blueberry Muffins right in your kitchen!

After years of testing, our company has created a blend of natural wax ingredients, comprised of vegetables and other natural renewable resources. These candles are highly scented with fragrance that's amazingly realistic. They also perform so well it puts us way above the competition.

Everyone who tries our candles tells us that we offer the finest candle available ... anywhere!

Interesting Facts About our Gourmet Candles

• They are a cleaner burning alternative
• Produce no harmful carcinogens
• Practically soot free
• Made from natural ingredients like vegetables and other renewable resources
• Can burn up to 50% longer
• Spilled wax cleans up with soap and water with no residue!
• Burn evenly from top to bottom so there is no wasted wax!
• An incredibly realistic scent; an apple smells like an apple.
• Aromachology may create desired mood.
• Lead-free, cotton wicks.
• Our gourmet candles smell so good you're tempted to eat 'em!
• Our candles don't cost any more than other Gourmet Candles

Gourmet Candles

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