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Our Home-Based Gourmet Candle Business is changing lives every day. Our company is making it possible for ordinary people to literally "Create Their Freedom" by building a stable, profitable and fun home-based business.

Think what it would be like if YOU truly had FREEDOM - time freedom, money freedom - Dream BIG! Hold on to those thoughts and let us show you how we can help you achieve those dreams. We're helping others just like you do it; we'd love to help you too!

If you're looking for a legitimate home business with a company and team that is honest and credible ... in other words, a solid product, solid pay plan, strong management team, and a business that will be here next week, next year and for years to come ...then you're on the right page!!

About Me

Hello & Welcome! :)

I am the Mother of 3 wonderful children. Daniel (25), Matthew (15) and our little princess Jenna (13). And wife to my wonderful husband who is a Corrections Officer.

 Our Danny joined the Navy 5 years ago, but was medically discharged with shoulder problems after a week at boot camp. He's currently trying to figure out what the next chapter in his life will be....He works full time and loves to fish, work on his truck and spend time with his friends.

Our Matthew is Autistic, and is a daily inspiration to us. If only others could see the world through his eyes....he is always saying.. "I only have Peace, Love, and Joy in my heart mom" He is such a blessing!

And our baby girl Jenna is our out spoken, daring, and spirited little girl ;) She's a lot like her oldest brother!! Everyday is an adventure with her, and I wouldn't want her any other way! She keeps us on our toes!

Ten years ago I found myself, like many others of you out there; having to face the hard fact that the company I had worked for for the past 13 years was closing it's doors and I was jobless!

At the time my two youngest children were just babies. The job search was not very productive and what I did find was just not cutting it with daycare costs. So Hubby and myself made the decision that I would stay home with our babies. After a while I knew I wanted to do something from home to help financially, so I went online and started the search.

I have always been a candle lover and consumer, so I thought I would love to sell candles. I stumbled upon a Mommy advertizing site that had a lot of home based businesses listed. I was drawn to this one particular candle ad. I submitted my info and received a call almost immediately. I had never had a home business and had no idea what I was signing up for.

But I'm so glad I did! Here I am ten years later with the same candle company that I absolutely love!!! Our candles are the best I have ever experienced and I have tried a lot of them trust me.

So if you are like I was ten years ago and find your self looking for something fun to do from home... for a home business that gives you the freedom to be home with your children.....and put cash in your budget....then this business just might be the right fit for you....just like it was for me! :)

I enjoy spending time with my family, Home-Schooling my 2 younger children, decorating my home, & any type of crafts.I love to make artificial flower arrangements & wreaths. And creating glowing moments in others lives by sharing my wonderful Company & Products with them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and hopefully you got to know me a little better!

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